About L. A. Ramirez

Linda Ramirez has been a story teller her whole life. Whether embellishing on a true story, or creating one of her own, she loved the drama of a tale. She always wanted to write, but her life took many twists and turns before she was able to spend the time and bring the dream to fruition.

Born in New York, Linda lived in other places before she and her husband settled in the Big Sky State, Montana. When her children went off to college, she began to spend more time putting those crazy stories on paper. With the support of her husband and encouragement of her children, Linda set out to make the first book a reality.

Like Pandora’s Box, the first story revealed a whole host of characters, each of whom wanted their story told. So Big Sky Siren, grew into Big Sky Series before it even hit the shelves.

When not writing or sewing, Linda and her husband spend their time cooking, hiking or gardening in their humble home outside Helena, Montana.

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