Bride Without a Groom book review

11329680_10153325831088828_1914024563_nThis fast paced and funny novel by Amy Lynch will keep you laughing from start to finish.

Rebecca is desperate for a wedding, and not just any wedding, she wants her own engagement to Barry to happen now. Barry, a man who is quite content with the status quo, feels there is no need to rush into marriage. When Barry doesn’t propose on her birthday as she hoped, Rebecca becomes desperate and gives new meaning to the term “Bridezilla.” Her tactics of already having much of the wedding planned, cause another fight over her scheming. Poor Barry leaves for a work trip, and Rebecca is left to stew.

And she does. Ranting with girlfriends, abundant drinking, throwing her diet out the proverbial window, she sinks into a deeper despair. Barry misses Rebecca, but a conniving co-worker, who wants nothing more than to replace Rebecca, appears to have some success.

Barry returns to Rebecca. She is repentant and he is guilty. Will they work through it? Will Rebecca still want to marry him after she learns the truth?

This book is witty and a delightful. A great one to take along on that getaway or when you are in great need of a laugh. Rebecca, at first a woman you want to hate, grows on you and makes you laugh at her antics and dialogue. As for Barry, if we can forgive him for thinking four years is not enough time to know if you want to marry someone, we really get mad at him for his potential betrayal. At the same time, he grows on us. He’s a softie and in love with Rachel.

I enjoyed reading A Bride Without a Groom and think you will too. It is pure romance, but in the bouncy, messy kind of way that makes following along quality entertainment.

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