Inspiration, family, love.

We recently returned from a wonderful twenty four day trip to Europe. There will be many themes I will be sharing in the future, but I wanted to start with one of the highlights of the trip.

My support system through all of my writing has been our family: my husband of thirty six years, our children and their spouses. For our anniversary this year, our children told us we would get our anniversary gift during our trip in Europe. They not only paid for a fantastic dinner, but they researched all the possible restaurants, made the reservations, and our son even called the day of to make sure it was all set. The restaurant staff was so excited for our dinner because they were so warmed by the efforts of our children.

Traveling always inspires my writing, and is a big part of the plot, and another character, in the second book Big Sky Allure. (Hopefully out in the coming months).

But it is the love of my family that keeps my butt stuck to the seat and getting the words written on paper. They believe in me and for that I can stick out the tough times. Any writer knows there are many tough times, and “What the @#$%^&* am I doing this for?” days. It is knowing they believe in you that makes it easier to keep on writing.

I thought I’d share a few pictures of that memorable Parisian night at the Palais Royal Restaurant. Memories are always with us, and the memories of this night and the gift of love our children gave us, will inspire me as I try and put words of romance on paper.

DSC03296 DSC03297 France Apt DSC03295 DSC03294 DSC03293 DSC03292 DSC03291 DSC03288

The Chef, a 28 year old phenom, Philip Chronopoulos will definitely be a name among great chefs someday. The staff brought us extra goodies, including a cute little cake (I thought we had a picture but did not) that made the night even more spectacular. After our wonderful dinner, we took a walk, and had a lovely nighttime view of the Eiffel Tower.

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